Branding, Graphics, Illustration, Research based

Branding and graphic design for a speculative non profit, Manifiesto de Mayahuelo.

Communication pieces:
-Bottle labels
-Instagram feed

MM bottle labels are educational fixtures that live on the shelves of our favorite bars. They don’t hold another spirit with a romantic tale. MM bottles are engagement pieces for bartenders, servers and customers to learn about the destruction of industrialized agave industry.

MM social media page is a deeper place of information. Visitors can learn more about the social  and environmental issues imposed by the industrialized agave industry.


I acknowledge the sensitivities of developing a brand that is centered around Mexican identity while lacking strong ties to Mexico.

My identity includes Mexican ancestry yet I struggle to identify as Mexican due to assimilation processes that took place with the immigration of my grandparents. I do not carry language or live in Mexico.

I consider this project personal as a way to resist to the assimilation, colonial thinking and addressing my privileges as a white presenting person in the United States.

I do not attempt to reflect Mexican culture but better understand and learn by making direct connections with visual cues.


+ Social and Ecological 

Devan Ponce 2023
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