Speculative tool, 2023

Blaskets are inherently feminine, associated with feminine labors including the construction of the object as feminine craft .Today’s purses are modern baskets.

Seaweed purse is 2D dimensional, designed specifically for collecting algae.
It was fabrication to encourage weaving, deeping the labor beyond gathering. Users weave and bend kelp through the voids of the vessel, crafting on the object. Through the process of weaving and gathering one may begin to embody the materials and learn their limits.

Bull kelp is tough like coarse rope. It doesn’t bend easily over the ceramic frame. When pulling the stipe of the kelp through and around the object it felt as if it might just break free by breaking the ceramic frame. In comparison, feather boa bows and bends easily yet still has a distinct property of durability. If you pull on it it is sturdy like a thick piece of leather.
Devan Ponce 2023
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